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Self-driving cars are poised to be the future and all tests of self-driving cars so far have gone great. There have been no accidents or malfunctions so far, which shows how they can make our roads safer. Big companies like Google have been investing in self-driving cars, but there were still some doubts about how the government would react. Government regulations could have killed the self-driving car industry by being too prohibitive, but it seems that fear was unjustified as the current US government has made a strong commitment to self-driving cars. The Obama administration announced that it was pledging 4 billion dollars to the research and development of self-driving cars.

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The government will spend the allotted four billion dollars over a period of 10 years in order to help the self-driving car industry. This was announced at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and is good news for a lot of reasons. People who love driving may not appreciate self-driving cars much but they will definitely have many positive effects. The biggest advantage of self-driving cars is that they are much safer. They use many different technologies such as GPS, sensors, crowd-sourced data, and fast processing to drive better than humans.

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There are many other advantages as well. The US government especially highlighted how self-driving cars would help in medical emergencies. It is easy to see the potential of self-driving cars as ambulances. They can roam 24 hours and can drive faster and safer than any human could. The errors which occur due to human drivers being fatigued or reacting too late will be a thing of the past.

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On the consumer side self driving cars represent a new level of comfort we have not seen before. We would be able to wake up in the morning, get ready, sit in the car and tell it to take us to office. One can even sleep in their car as the car drives to the destination. Long drives would also become easier as the cars do not experience fatigue. They can keep on driving for days without needing human intervention. Similarly self-driving cars would also cut down on accidents that happen due to people driving under the influence. While it still remains to be seen how the government regulates this industry once it becomes prominent, it seems for now self-driving cars have proper government support.

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