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The SEO Edge for Microsoft

Internet Explorer is finally dead. There isn’t a lot we can do except rejoice and hope that people still using Internet Explorer move on from it as soon as possible. Whenever an internet technology emerges or is killed, it is always of interest to people working in SEO because it means that their methods of working may need to be changed.

microsoft edge and seo

What Was Wrong with Internet Explorer?

In order to understand why this news makes so many people in the tech world sigh with relief, you need to understand why they ridiculed Internet Explorer in the first place. The rendering engine of the Internet Explorer was called Trident. A rendering engine is the part of your browser which decides how to display the webpage and how its functions work. Trident is now more than 20 years old. Internet Explorer started out when the internet was not being used in every home, and it tried to ensure that there was as much backward compatibility as possible. Thus, Internet Explorer 8 had to ensure things that worked on Internet Explorer 6 worked on it the same way.

The problem was that Internet Explorer 6 was in no way ready for the internet of the future. Since Netscape wasn’t around anymore to compete properly, there was also the issue that Microsoft made the Internet Explorer render pages the way it wanted.

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Since it was the most popularly used browser, this wasn’t a problem. However, it did become an issue when Firefox and Chrome started getting popular. People doing web development and other technical things had to ensure that things worked according to the logic of Internet Explorer, while at the same time, they also had to work according to the open standards of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and all the other browsers.

How Edge Changes the Game for SEO

Microsoft Edge is very similar to Chrome and Firefox. How similar? Well, in some cases, it literally tells websites that it is Firefox or Chrome so they will serve it as the page made for these browsers. This ensures that the best version of the page is loaded. What this means for us SEO folks is that we will NO LONGER have to do things separately for making websites Internet Explorer compatible.

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Since the default Windows browser is now acting exactly the way other browsers do, we can now focus on the actual task at hand instead of pulling our hair out, trying to figure out why the same thing was not working on Internet Explorer.

We still have a long way to go as most people are not using Microsoft Edge. As Windows 10 keeps getting more users, so does Microsoft Edge, and we can expect Internet Explorer to be a very minor player in a few years.

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