Video Marketing for Hotels in 2015

Add Video Marketing to Increase Online Traffic, Engagement and Bookings

video marketing for hotels in 2015

With the increase in competition for online bookings, it is incredibly important for hotels to improve engagement with site visitors with digital marketing strategies. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with video marketing.

People are watching and engaging with online videos now more than ever. Cisco reports that by 2017, video will account for 69% of online traffic. Video reach is also a force to be reckoned. YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine behind Google, has over 1 billion users each month. Facebook, the world’s largest social media channel, reports that its videos receive more reach than any other type of post.

But How Will Video Increase Bookings for My Hotels?

Did you know that bookings are 67% more likely when a video tour of the property is available? When an online travel shopper is looking for a hotel, he or she is 89% more likely to book if they can view a video of the property. Need I say more about the growing importance of developing a video marketing strategy for your hotel?

Where Do I Start?

video marketing to generate hotel bookings

First, determine which marketing channel you want to use to reach your target audience. The most popular video marketing channel is YouTube. Also, take advantage of the video platforms that are offered through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The benefit of using social media channels is that you can easily incorporate video into an already established social media marketing strategy. With most online video marketing tools, you can specifically target people by age, location, interests and even income. Just don’t forget to post the video to your independent website.

What Type of Videos Should I Record?

Next, determine what type of videos you want to record and promote. When it comes to hotels, most people want to know about the property itself. The goal should be to promote the amenities, rooms and surrounding area. To stand out to increase bookings, showcase what makes it unique. If your property is a boutique hotel, show off its charm and personality. If people rave about the on-site restaurant, do a feature on the chef or a how-to video on how to prepare one of its most popular dishes. The goal is to showcase why your hotel is unique and will complement any stay.

How Long Should My Videos Be?

Visible Measures reports that we have only 10 seconds to grab someone’s attention with video before they decide to click off. Once we have their attention, 60% click off right around 2 minutes. Keep your videos right around 2 minutes for effective engagement.

Should I Record the Videos Myself?

Finally, hire a professional to record and edit your videos – quality counts! You’ve worked hard on creating the strategy for the video. You want to make sure that the video is user-friendly with high quality picture and sound.

SEO Value

Now that you have created this awesome video to show off your property, you’ll want to optimize it so that people can find and view it.

Add Transcripts and Titles

With transcripts and titles, you can easily add the keywords that you are targeting. This will help to generate traffic from the search engines. Simply add the content of the transcript and title to the HTML code of the pages that the video is posted on. Transcripts also allow people to read the content for the video if they are unable to view it or use sound.

video search engine optimization

Embed Videos with Descriptions

When embedding your videos on sites like YouTube, be sure to include a description of the video. In the description, it’s important to tell people what your video is about and to also use keywords that help increase visibility in search engines to increase traffic.

Add the Video to Your Site

Create a page for hosting your videos or add the video to one of the landing pages already created on the site. Just make sure that the video is relevant to the content on the page. The video on your site will engage site visitors and keep them on your site. Add call-to-action buttons and interactive rollovers to will eventually lead visitors to book.

Don’t Forget to Add Tags

Again, use the keywords that you are targeting as well as words that your target audience may search as the tags for your video. Optimized tags will help your video rank better in searches.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you need help with creating a video marketing campaign for your hotel after reading this post, request a FREE proposal from Valet Interactive online. Our digital marketing experts are ready to help!

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