5 Mind-Blowing Stats Every Hotelier Should Know about Mobile

1) 75% of Americans admit to using their phone while on their potty break.*

mind blowing stats about mobile search for hotels

Although this statistic isn’t specifically about hotel marketing, it shows that people really do bring their phones with them everywhere they go. This is good for marketers because this means that as long as a user is connected to their phone, no matter the environment, it is another opportunity to win the user over with your brand.


2) 65% of same day hotel reservations are made from a smartphone.*

65% of same day hotel bookings happen on mobile phones

I am a huge vacation planner and I like to have a full day of back-to-back activities planned well over two months before my trip. (I can even schedule down to the minute). However, I realize that there are many travelers who wait until the absolute last minute to make their travel decisions. Things come up and plans may not work out, and this is where your mobile friendly website can come to the rescue.

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3) 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour.*

customers book hotel rooms online with mobile friendly sites

This makes complete sense why same day hotel reservations convert high on smartphones. When users are looking for information on their cell phone, it may be because it is something urgent, therefore they could not wait to go home and look that information up on their laptops or desktops. When I am out on the town and feeling hungry, I typically log on to a mobile app first and search for restaurants nearby. Based on what I am craving and how many reviews that restaurant has, I will make an informed decision within 5 minutes. I’ll drive to that restaurant and show them my coupon on my cell. It’s a seamless purchase.


4) 80% of all mobile travel bookings are for hotel stays.*

hotel bookings on mobile increase 60 percent in 2015

5 years ago, I would not have not felt comfortable buying anything over the phone. Heck, I didn’t even own a smartphone until 2012. A lot has changed since then. I now find myself paying bills online, making mobile bank deposits, purchasing items from Amazon, and yes, even hotel rooms.


5) 60% mobile growth in one year.

mobile adoption for hotel bookings on the rise











The proof is in the pudding. The above screenshot was taken from Google Analytics of a client that I currently manage. As you can see, mobile has not yet outpaced desktop visits, but it is certainly trending that way. They’ve experienced a 60% mobile growth in the past year.

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