Must-Read Guide to New Facebook Features

The Facebook developers have been hard at work this summer to bring a lot of new features to the social media site. In addition to making their messenger app a platform for other apps, they’ve come up with big changes to Facebook features like “See First” along with smaller ones like CTAs and ad previews. We’ll review some of updates to clarify things you may not have known or been aware of to better your experience!

1. Helpful Tips

Facebook now encourages you to update your settings to getting notifications of people visiting your page.

New Features of Facebook - Valet Interactive

Although this isn’t a new feature, Facebook is pushing for businesses to take control of their settings. These options include getting notified of activity on your Page, when your receive a message as well as the option to get these notifications via email or text.

They’ve also taken steps to help users use the site more efficiently. Every once in a while (at an interval we’re not sure of) Facebook will give you little helper or tutorial to guide you through the next actions you can take.

Facebook New Features - Valet Interactive

2. “Responds Quickly” Badge

Facebook wants your fans to know how likely you are to immediately respond to their questions or concerns. This can be great if you’re able to see messages in a timely matter (good incentive to update your notifications settings).

Facebook Very Responsive

Facebook is rewarding companies who quickly respond to messages. To get the “Responds Quickly” badge, you must respond to at least 90% of messages with an average response time of 5 minutes. This seems like a great way to get your fans to directly interact with you more, since they know they’ll receive a prompt response. It’s a good alternative to calling or emailing the company.

Facebook New Features Response

3. Post Performance Insights

Facebook’s persuasive marketing efforts give you a notification of your best performing posts. This is done to persuade you into turning them into ads. There’s not much known on how Facebook calculates how your post is performing, but from what we can tell, they mean the posts that have the largest reach. These not-so-subtle prompts lead one to think Facebook is itching for ad revenue.

Boost Your Post Facebook New Features - Valet Interactive


Facebook features are becoming more and more user-friendly in terms of helping your fans reach you outside of Facebook. This is a great new feature because you can add a real CTA to your business page instead of doing it the old/hard way which entailed linking to your site or landing page through the description on your cover image. You can select create a Book Now, Contact Us, Play Game, Shop Now or a few other options and link it to your site.

CTA Facebook New Features - Valet Interactive

Facebook also gives you very minor analytics on the CTA clicks you’ve received.

New Features of Facebook CTA - Valet Interactive

5. Facebook See First

The biggest new feature Facebook has implemented is See First. This allows users to select which people’s posts they’d like to see on their Facebook timeline first. The chosen few will have a priority slot on a fan’s newsfeed. This is the first time Facebook is putting the control in the users’ hands as to what they see on Facebook.
Facebook New Features Preferences - Valet Interactive

This feature could be a Holy Grail for marketers. If you have a devoted fanbase and they opt to see your posts first, this could cut down on marketing costs to get your posts to followers.

6. Call Now

Facebook also advises you as a business page to create a “Call Now” button on your fans’ news feed. In fact, this is Facebook advertising for you to create a Facebook ad.
New Facebook Features Phone Call - Valet Interactive

When you click the Promote Local Business button, you reach an Ad Creation popup that creates an ad encouraging users to call you.

New Facebook Features Create Ad - Valet Interactive

Facebook also wants you to use their events invitations more by setting up a new site to help you….

7. Promote Your Event

New Facebook Features Promote Event - Valet Interactive

While not really a new Facebook feature, the website is giving advice on how to host a successful event. The Learn More link sends you to a page that shows you how to best optimize your event pages and invites. The site has helpful tips on how to beef up your event pages and engage with attendees. They suggest adding photo updates, sharing the event to your page and creating ads to spread the word about your events. Some of the hints they include may seem novice to a marketer, but may be very helpful to people who haven’t organized events on Facebook before.

New Facebook Features Event Guide - Valet Interactive

If you feel like the new Facebook features are too much to manage, let the leading experts of Valet Interactive do it for you. We can help you optimize your Social Media strategy by leveraging the best and newest tools. Request a proposal and receive a free quote for our social media management services today!

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