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Approaching content marketing head-on can be daunting, but it’s probably the most important step in your content creation journey! You’ll want to decide the right voice for your property to determine the best way to showcase just what there is to offer potential guests. But did you know that there are many platforms which need their own unique tone to effectively reach the target audience? There are a variety of ways to get your hotel’s name and message out in the world, all you need is the right voice for each. We’ll discuss some of the best practices for your content marketing needs in the post, which can also serve as a reliable go-to reference while you plan your approach.

On Your WebsiteHotel Content Marketing | Valet Interactive

Since your hotel’s website is where you can say exactly what you want, you can really set the tone! Depending on whether your property is an upscale 5-star in a business district or a friendly, down-to-earth resort in a rural area, you’ll be able to appropriately gauge the most effective way to speak to your clientele.

However, while other hotel content marketing mediums can be dynamic, it’s important the voice of your website is consistent. If your hotel targets Millennials, remember to use the same lingo on each page. After all, continuity is vital in most industries, including content marketing.

Additionally, don’t misjudge your target audience. If your hotel wants to attract multiple guest types, don’t narrow your focus within your site. By not limiting your vernacular, you can directly speak to many guests! For example, just because younger generations might understand what it means to be “an Uber-ride away from many area attractions,” it doesn’t mean you have to phrase as such. Saying “taxi” will work just as well for a broader audience.


  • Speak directly to your audience.
  • Use consistent wording.


  • Narrow your targeted audience with wording consistent to a certain generation type.
  • Vary your voice within the same site.

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Hotel Content Marketing On FacebookHotel Content Marketing on facebook | Valet Interactive

If you think the guidelines for website voice are a little constraining, don’t worry. Facebook is where you can lighten up the content marketing for your hotel and employ a younger tone. After all, Facebook users are generally middle-aged to Millennials so you can speak to your audience less formally. The 500+ million users have come to expect a friendlier attitude from the companies they follow anyway.

Respond to guest comments and messages as you receive them. Not only is this a well-known best practice, but that way other guests can see how much your hotel cares about good customer service!

Use hashtags as they come up. They might not be as #effective on Facebook as they are on Twitter, but it’s a great way to add your hotel content marketing message to a slew of trending news. This can help increase visibility and broaden your reach, allowing you to garner the attention of users you may not have previously. That being said, research the trending topic before you employ a hashtag. Many companies have shown us what not to do with hashtags by not looking into them sufficiently.

Don’t have a Facebook? Get one. It might not be the leading way to fill your beds, but it’s great for showcasing what you have to offer. You can also use it to point out the many things to do in the area, to get potential guests thinking about their upcoming vacation needs.


  • Address your audience in a friendly manner. Facebook is a social network, so be social!
  • Respond to guest comments or messages.
  • Use hashtags as appropriate.
  • Post in the early afternoon for more traffic.


  • Appear stiff or robotic in your messaging.
  • Ignore posts from guests, whether past or potential.
  • Use a hashtag without knowing what it means and why it’s trending.

Hotel Content Marketing on Twitter | Valet Interactive
Hotel Content Marketing On Twitter

Twitter is a helpful tool for hotel content marketing, although it’s not as important as Facebook. This social media platform is great for using trending topics to promote your hotel, keeping in touch with guests and showing the more approachable side to your property.

As with Facebook hashtags, it’s vital that you research Twitter’s trending topics as they come. Your hotel will want to look as informed as possible with every part of their content marketing.


  • Use hashtags to promote your brand.
  • Post in the afternoon for higher reach and increased retweets (users sharing your tweet).


  • Use a hashtag without researching what it means!

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Hotel Content Marketing On Your BlogHotel Content Marketing on your blog

In many ways, a blog for your hotel is like an extension of your hotel website itself. While it’s not as informal, you’ll want to adopt the same tone and semantics that you’ve utilized on your site for continuity. You’ll also need to employ consistency with your messaging tactics and overall voice for optimal hotel content marketing.

However, blogs can be more dynamic and change according to your most recent post! They’re perfect for focusing on up-and-coming events and things to do in the area, as well as for providing insight on different aspects of your hotel. Don’t use blogs to expound upon your latest vacation deal (that’s what Facebook is for), but you can use your blog to talk about available things for business travelers, families and couples to do, whether at your hotel or in the city.


  • Keep tone consistent.
  • Use a more relaxed voice.
  • Talk about things to do in the hotel or around the area.


  • Treat it like another Deals page for your hotel.
  • Miss the chance to talk up why your hotel is where to go!

There is a lot of potential in content marketing for every property. Although it can seem overwhelming at times, we hope that this quick guide can help organize your organic approach to hotel content marketing.

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