You NEED to Read This Crash Course in Hospitality Content Marketing

Your Hospitality Content Marketing Crash Course

Are you new to the content side of hospitality marketing? Unfamiliar with the hospitality side of content writing? Read more to learn about hospitality content marketing basics. I’ve outlined some important concepts to keep in mind as you write for your hotel.

Know Your Audience!

It’s important to know your audience for any type of content writing and it’s especially important when it comes to writing for a hotel’s website. We all know that a picture says a thousand words, but nothing conveys a clear and concise message like actually writing it out!

Crash Course in Hospitality Content Marketing

With past projects, it may have been important to speak to a broad or general audience. However, that’s not the case when it comes to hospitality content. There are specific groups that tend to select a certain property or location, such as those who head to the Four Seasons or who visit Fort Lauderdale during the spring. Even mentioning vague details of a place and hotel can conjure up an image of the type of person who does those things (hint: wealthy people go to the Four Seasons and college students head to Florida en masse during the spring). That’s because those are the people who are predictable and therefore targetable.

However, generalizations about hotel guests can be faulty, so work with your client to learn more about their guests! Helpful booking information and data from Google Analytics can go a long way when it comes to learning everything you can about who comes to the hotel or resort, why they’re going and when they book. Don’t limit the content to focus on only those type of guests, but definitely reference things that those guests would find interesting. Strive to create a compelling narrative about the property which appeals to everyone and highlights items that these specific visitors would appreciate. Which leads me to the next point –

Write a Story

Remember how the biography section was coated in a fine layer of dust in college? That’s because:

  • Biographies can tend to be on the drier side when it comes to content.
  • These types of books tend to focus on the events that have already happened, rather than the present or future experience to be had.
  • A biography is about a specific person and can results in the reader feeling removed from the tale.

Your job is to set the scene for the main character (the guest) to embrace adventure! Saturate your content with description, and truly sell the experience that visitors will encounter. Telling a story isn’t limited to the content on your website, either. You can also do so on the hotel’s Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or another social media page. Why miss an opportunity to advertise what your property is all about?

Crash Course in Hospitality Content Marketing

If you find yourself snoozing when reviewing your existing content, then it’s probably time for a rewrite. If you find yourself being bored by content that you’ve written after trying to tap into your inner Mark Twain, then it’s probably time to hire a professional to write the content for you.

After all, your audience wants to know why YOUR property is the one that will elevate their entire vacation experience. Bring to light your amenities, features of your hotel and what truly sets you apart from other properties in the area. Are you next door to a charming restaurant? Do you have a pool or hot tub in the hotel? Writing about what makes your hotel really special only serves to enhance and improve the reader’s opinion of your hotel before they even step through the door. Guide them to the booking engine by talking up the true benefits you have to offer.

Keep Up with Your Competitors

If your competition is thriving, it means they’re doing something right and is a possible indicator that their website is working to their advantage. If that’s the case, check out their site and see how it differs from your own. Do they emphasize their features and amenities? Do they have landing pages dedicated to some of the region’s top attractions? Get a good look at what they’re choosing to advertise and see how that could possibly help you.

I’m not saying that you should copy everything that they’re doing, but the site structure could be a good sign of what you need to mention, as well. If your competitor talks about how close they are to a landmark, don’t hesitate to do the same. When you see the competition talking about how excited they are for a festival or event on their social media, use your own accounts to talk about what your hotel could bring to the overall experience. Again, don’t consistently walk in their footsteps, but don’t ignore the strategy of a bustling business, either.

SEO is Your Friend

It’s important to optimize when you can, wherever you can. Making your pages crawlable and search-friendly will only serve to improve your web presence, which converts into more traffic (and hopefully) more business. This means ensuring your content has competitive keywords, checking the overall traffic on your site, adding links where beneficial (for instance, I’ve been doing that throughout this post). Being detail-oriented with optimization opportunities is a great way to double-check your overall online efforts.
Crash Course in Hospitality Content Marketing: seo optimize your contentIf you don’t know what SEO is, stop and reach out to a professional. They’re the ones who really know how to elevate your hospitality content marketing. Look for an individual or an agency that has a full portfolio of clients and who can really understand your needs. SEO experts are ready to help you boost the performance of your site as well as boost your booking engine traffic.


Don’t Wait – You Can Improve Your Hospitality Content Marketing Today!

I hope that this post was beneficial to those who want to double-check their content marketing efforts and to those just beginning to compose their hotel’s story. If you’d rather leave this sort of thing to the pros, let us know! Valet Interactive has proven time and time again that we know how to improve the ROI of both independent and branded hotels with a combination of successful services. Call us today and we’ll be ready to provide just what you need or request as proposal online for free.

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