Google+ | An In-Depth Look from The Magnolia Hotel in Dallas with Vic Gundotra

Google+ Meetup at the Magnolia Hotel Dallas

I happened to catch a post on Google+ from Vic Gundotra, a Senior Vice President at Google, about being in Dallas Friday, April 4, 2014.  He was courteous enough to invite the general public to the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Dallas for a discussion about Google+ and I was able to attend.

Along with a host of G+ fans, users, business owners and local media, Adrienne Roark and Kevin Selle from CBS 11 among them — Mrs. Roark sporting Google Glass — we were joined by one of the guys as far as Google goes.  Surrounded by a host of NCAA fans in town for the NCAA Final Four and Championship games in Arlington, we gathered around a small table in the corner of the second floor bar of the Magnolia Hotel.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, I’ll recap a few of the subjects Vic spoke about and some answers given to questions asked.

For the record, the following is in my own words and not quoted from Vic about Google+ nor a transcript of the event.

G+ App Android vs. AppleG+ iPhone Application: Why isn’t it as good as the Android one?

Google is aware that their iPhone app for G+ isn’t as solid as the application for the Android OS.   Having more access to the Android platform on the development side allows Google to create an app that does a better job of what they intend for it to do.  Without the same access to the Apple iPhone’s OS, the work’s a bit more difficult.  However, Google is working on this.  They’re developing closer relationships with Apple in order to create a better app for users that performs as well as the Android application does.

I have multiple G+ Business pages because I own more than one company.  Is there a way to manage both pages on the iPhone without having to log out of one ID and log back in with the other?

Managing Multiple Google+ Business PagesThis was actually the question asked prompting the answer above.  However, it does deserve a bit of attention itself.

Vic didn’t address this question specifically as far as how to deal with this problem in the immediate sense.  But I can answer that question for you.

Google+ pages will allow you to add managers for the page (accepted through an email invite).  While only one email address can be associated with ownership of a Google+ page, you can add the same email address to both of your Google+ pages as a manager.  When you log in with the central email address and go to the pages tab, you can manage both pages without changing logins.

I manage over 86 Google+ pages and if I hadn’t found this nifty trick, I’d spend all day logging in and out.  (I’d include a spoiler here about some new things coming our way, but I’ll save that for later on.)

How can I control the feed updates from G+ and who I get updates from

Google+ Feed UpdatesThey’re going to bring you “volume control” for Google+.  It will allow you to turn up the channels you want all the updates from and turn down (or even mute) the channels you don’t.  Customizable control of your updates so you get the ones you want and don’t get buried in the ones you don’t.

Google+ IconHow does Google distinguish between popularity & authority in Google+?

Google has a very advanced algorithm that takes all sorts of things into account when determining who an authority in a given field is.  This also applies to G+ pages and posts.  As for popularity, they pay attention to who likes what and try to personalize G+ search results and feeds so people see the updates and results they want.

Personalized search results: What does this mean for me?Google+ Circle Me... I'll Circle You

We all know Google wants to be the search engine of choice.  They’ve come a long way in delivering you the results you’re actually looking for.  A good deal of this improvement can be attributed to personalized search.

While this was only touched on briefly, it’s a topic worthy of further examination.

Google+ is essentially a spider web of connections, quite similar to the internet itself.  If you’re following someone on G+ and they follow you back, you’ve established a stronger connection than if the following was only one way.  This can change your search results, adjust your G+ feed & even connect you with people you haven’t seen for years.

Google is doing its best to give you the results you’re looking for the first search.  Knowing that Dave likes Mexican food and that you know Dave and like a lot of things he does, Google can confidently suggest that restaurant to you in search results.  How Google knows all of this is a topic for another post.

Google+ Post Feed AuthorityWhy can’t I always see my post on someone else’s G+ page?

Along with authority and popularity, Google pays attention to behavior and user profiles.  Just like ads delivered through the display network, you can mute people’s posts on G+.  The annoying ex-, that disgruntled ex-employee or even someone’s daily location updates — Over time, Google associates behavior and response to posts with something someone doesn’t want to see.  At that point, you’re muted.  You can see your posts, but odds are whoever you’re posting to won’t see them.

As for spammers, Google has ways of identifying you as well.  I’d let the cat out of the bag on some of how this is done, but Vic was fairly vague on the topic and I’ll follow suit.

Bulk Management Tools for Google+

That’s right, kids.  Bulk management tools are coming for Google+ which is actually part of the answer to my question from Vic.

While you can do some things with Google+ pages through a central manager email, you still have to click through and manage the pages individually.  In most verticals and markets, keeping the information on your about tab from changing gets tiresome.  If you don’t suffer this type of competition in your business, be glad.  If you do, have no fear — bulk management of your company NAP-U (Name, Address, Phone Number, URL) on Google+ will soon be here.

How do I establish my company on Google+?

While getting started on Google+ was not a topic discussed, Vic was enthusiastic about the adoption rates of Google+ among the masses.  He said the graph for user growth was incredible to see.  With personalized search changing the game of thrones that is the SERP (search engine results page), it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re connecting to your customers and they can find you.  Google+ is a great place to start if you haven’t yet.

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