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Insight into Facebook Insights 2013

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Facebook definitely leads the pack with a steady stream of subtle tweaks and twists. But, if you’ve been poking around the shiny, new Insights Facebook recently rolled out you’ll notice the changes are anything but “subtle”. Colorful, easy to read charts. Information that’s applicable in real-time. I think these recent changes are something any social strategist can get behind – especially when it means not having to pour through lengthy spreadsheets and endless streams of esoteric numbers and definitions that are guaranteed to make you cross-eyed.


If you’ve used Facebook Insights in the past, the page Overview metrics are instantly recognizable – except now your data is delightfully organized into dynamic graphs and straight-forward stats. Huzzah! This tab basically serves as a quick synopsis of how you compare to previous efforts, what’s working on your page and what isn’t.

Note: Take a dive into your “Engagement” info on the right. Facebook now offers the ability to break down your page engagement into “Likes”, “Comments”, “Shares” and “Post Clicks”. Functionality not previously available.

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Your Page tab features three distinct internal tabs:

“Page Likes” allows you to scan your overall page growth, view net likes and see where your likes are coming from – whether it be mobile, page suggestions, posts or miscellaneous avenues.

Note: Make sure to explore the ability to choose start and end dates for reviewing your data during a specific time period. Also, take full advantage of the brand new option to use benchmarking for comparing your page’s performance over time.

“Post Reach” info helps you quickly compare a variety of metrics including post reach, positive interaction, negative interaction and total reach. You’ll still find your start and end date slider as well as your benchmarking capability.

Note: With Facebook’s recent changes to their News Feed Algorithm, social marketers should be paying special attention to their page’s more unsavory interactions – e.g. hides, unlikes, etc. Each of these actions will have an increasingly negative impact on your page’s performance in the future. So review this information often and adjust your strategy as needed.

“Page Visits” information will highlight all other forms of interaction your page receives. You’ll be able to see which of your tabs are performing best, mentions, check-ins, posts by others and any offers purchased. You’ll also get a glimpse of which websites are providing the most traffic to your Facebook page.

Facebook Marketing - Making sense of Insights 2013


Your Posts tab is also broken down into three sub-tabs:

The “All Posts” info is pretty self-explanatory. See how each of your posts has performed with a straightforward breakdown of post type, reach and engagement.

Note: Facebook now offers a variety of filtering options to help you break down your results even further. Filter your reach by Total Reach, Organic/Paid or Fans/Non Fans. Filter your engagement by “Post Clicks/Likes, Comments, Shares”, “Likes/Comments/Shares”, “Hides/Reports/Unlikes”, I bet you’re starting to get the picture…

“When Your Fans Are Online” – possibly my favorite addition to our new Insights – tells you, well, just exactly that. Here your metrics are broken down by days of the week as well as average traffic throughout a single day. You can also hover over each individual day of the week to see that day’s specific traffic patterns.

Note: If you only take advantage of one new Facebook Insight, I would suggest this one, hands down. Quick. Easy to understand. And you won’t have to spend a ton of time filtering and analyzing data – while still driving results.

The “Best Post Types” section helps you determine what content your fans are responding to. While photos tend to drive the most interaction, straight-text status updates are gaining far more reach. Arm yourself with the post types that your followers love and watch your page grow.

Note: Don’t be afraid to try a nice combination of post types. Just because text updates are giving you the highest reach doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix it up a little. Break up your status updates with compelling photos, relevant videos and helpful links.

Facebook Marketing - how to use Insights 2013


Who are your fans? Where do they come from? Who are you reaching and engaging? Your “People” tab will help you to become well-acquainted with your community:

“Your Fans” offers a quick look into who your audience really is. Once you’re familiar with the basic demographics of your Facebook fans you’ll understand how to better communicate with them. You’ll also see a breakdown of how your audience compares with Facebook’s overall user demographics.

Your “People Reached” tab is laid out exactly like the “Your Fans” tab and offers the same metrics – except in this tab you’ll also see a breakdown of percentages indicating how many of those you reached are fans vs. non-fans.

The “People Engaged” tab will show you not only the basic demographics of your community but who those people are that are actually engaging with your content. This tab also gives you a gender breakdown of who you’re engaging and approximately how many of those engaged are fans vs. non-fans.

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A virtual round of applause to Facebook for updating their Insights in a user-friendly manner that now makes it easier than ever to understand your audience and fine-tune your content and strategy. Until next time…

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