Is Your Hotel Losing Money Over the Phone? Call Tracking Solutions by VoiceTraker

call tracking options for hotelsWhat is VoiceTraker? This is a service that allows you to track calls that come in from a specified number. This phone number is given to you when you sign up for the service. It transfers to an existing number, most likely PBX or front desk that the hotels already have.  When calling the number it will record that call thus giving you the opportunity to review the recorded call. You can then go back and use the call as a training example

In addition you will have these available features:

  • Tracking the type of business coming into you hotel by listening to your calls
  • Calls transferred are also recorded, so you can test 3rd party systems like Macro and Reach
  • Calls that are repetitive you can take that valuable feedback and add the information onto your independent website.

The biggest battle hotels face is the commissions they pay through other channels. You are gaining some of that business already by directing people to your independent website. Why not go a step further with VoiceTraker and record your phone revenue as well? Even though you cannot “hear” from your guests who book online, you can hear from them when they call your number that is listed on your independent website.

Our goal with your independent website is to drive as much business as possible though this site whether it be through a phone call booking or booking through your site.  Online revenue is easily tracked, but how much comes from the phones?  We found that some hotels have up to 60% of their revenue through their site that does the research on your site, and then calls to book.  Over time, if used properly, VoiceTraker can be used to decrease call volume, and increase call conversion.

You can also get additional phone numbers to track specific marketing partners or volume from sites like TripAdvisor, or use to track mobile only call or PPC advertising.

If you are not currently using VoiceTraker today please contact Valet Interactive and let us know that you are interested! We would be happy to explain more! Pricing is based on minutes recorded, the more you use, the less the per minute price.


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