Valet Style

The Winning Team

Halloween is always special at the Valet Office, and this year is no exception. Our Interactive Marketing team coordinated this year’s event with a “Build-a-Halloween Scene” contest where each team was given 30 minutes to put together a scene based on a bucket of props plus anything else they wanted to bring in from home. Our teams each brainstormed their scenes the day before and worked on their ideas in preparation for the contest the night before, making it a challenge for each to outdo the other!

To my surprise (or maybe not), the IT/Admin and SEO teams really went all out and created elaborate scenes that would rival any haunted house. To be honest, I am glad I had lunch before walking into the IT/Admin room – they added raw ground meat and worms to the brains of their hand carved pumpkin then dressed up as killer butchers covered up in blood. They took it a little too seriously I think – it must be all of that information overload that made them splatter blood all over. Maybe that’s how their brain feels after a long day of coding…..

The SEO team had a Haunted House theme, with sound effects and a scary graveyard. The only thing missing was a live ghoul, that really would have made us all jump with fear!

Our Interactive Marketing Team wanted to be all hipster with a skeleton dressed up like a rapper- it was very “Tim Burtonish”. I think they were trying to teach him how to Tweet – Tammi is looking for a buddy to team up with.

And then there were the ISMs— too busy strategizing and training to create a crazy scene- they ARE scary task masters as it is – who needs props?????

Everyone have a great Halloween—– Linda


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