Where is your conversion?

Are you seeing the traffic but not the conversion? You’ve checked your SEO strategy is sound, content is engaging and the traffic is coming in, but the bookings are strangely absent. Truth is, if your website isn’t effectively designed for conversion, all the traffic in the world won’t bring you much success. Sound familiar? It might be time to consider revamping your design.

Valet Interactive has identified five important factors to keep in mind when designing a new site or overhauling an existing site:

1) Keep it Simple

Your layout should be clean and uncluttered while still attracting visual interest on the page.

2) Make it Easy to Read

As they say, content is king! This means more than just having great, concise content. How you portray that content on the page is equally important. Studies show that most online readers prefer a medium line width, not too long or too narrow. This is roughly the width of two columns on a standard 3-column template. Attention should also be paid to font type, size and color choice for maximum legibility.

3) Make it Easy to Use

User-centric design is critical. The majority of your site visitors will have no prior experience with the site, and if they can’t find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily, they are far more likely to leave the site than do any digging. To ensure usability, navigation should be clear and straightforward, and all user actions – clicking buttons, entering booking information, etc. – should perform as expected.

4) Incorporate Strong Imagery

Strong imagery gives the visitor a sense of your property or product and helps create the experience for the user. Incorporating photography with people in them helps the visitor connect on a personal level and envision themselves there.

5) Include Clear Calls to Action

You never want a visitor to wonder “What am I supposed to do on this site?” or “How do I book?” Using highly visual and clear Call-to-Action, including reservation calendars and “Book Now” buttons, is of the utmost importance.

The best part is that while building traffic takes time, changes to your conversion strategy show results immediately. With these proven and simple tactics, you can give your website renewed exuberance and increase your long-term success online.

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Steven Mayo is the Director of Client Services for Valet Interactive. He has over 8 years experience in marketing with a specialization in web content and content marketing. Off the job you'll find him brewing beer, listening to death metal and spending time with his family.